Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Cookies are Evil

I think the title says it all... Christmas cookies are evil. Every single damn morsel. And I have the stomach ache to prove it. Well, happy Tuesday. I sit here, waiting for the Canucks game to finish, so that I can watch the season finale of the Biggest Loser. The Canucks just scored a goal, bringing it to 3-2 for Nashville Predators, sometime in the 3rd period. Not that it really matters, but just a gauge as to how before I can watch tv. Typically on a Tuesday night, I would be out doing speedwork. However, I had my H1N1 flu shot, and of course, the side effects showed up just as I was finishing my work day. I came home feeling achy, headachey and exhausted. Apparently all the typical side effects experienced with this swine flu shot. Goody. So I thought an evening taking it easy would probably not be a bad idea on my part. Well, the hockey game is over, and time to indulge.... in the Biggest Loser. Ciao bella.

Friday, December 4, 2009

I Should Be In Bed...

Hi again,

Friday night, 11:59pm on Chocolate Cake Friday. Another Friday, and the cake certainly did not disappoint. The tradition continues.

I am writing as a way to settle mind before I head to bed, which I should have done an hour ago. However, I have been doing my usual obsessing about marathon training, pacing, and scheduling. Nothing changes, and everything changes. But what is consistent, is that I am always focussed on the prize, a Boston Marathon qualifier. And that seems worth it.

This weekend looks to be busy. Greg & I have errands to run in the morning, only to be back in time for Greg to watch the Canucks game. I am going to run 7 miles (12km) at race pace, as well as decide on my Christmas cookie for the selection on Monday, strategize about putting up Christmas lights and meet up with Karen & Denny late afternoon. The plan with them is to go ice skating at Robson Square, followed by dinner and who knows what. It will be fun to meet up with them and enjoy their company.

Sunday looks like 23km long run (in 0C temperatures!), followed by Christmas light application and hopefully baking, and lounging. Fingers crossed it all comes together. There has to be cookies, the deadline is set.

I found a blog of a guy who went from 452lb to 220lb in the course of 2 years who was an avid triathlete. It was quite amazing to read actually, and I am interested in finding out how his IM Florida race went. I'll have to check back.

Other than that, life is hectic but good. Work has had a few interesting curveballs tossed in to keep things interesting and on my toes. I made a conscious effort to not discuss work at all, and just focus on enjoying Greg's company when we went out for dinner. Hard to do, but why think about work when I can focus on play.

Well, I think this may have done the trick. Off to bed!


Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Hi again,

So I am feeling a little stoked. I decided Tuesdays are a good night to focus on speedwork in my quest for a Boston Qualifier. I spent the better part of last night working on my schedule (still lots to tweak) and made the committment to myself, that in order to be faster, I have to run faster. And if that means subjecting myself to weekly sessions of tempting asthma attacks, so be it.

I have found on my journeys of running through North Vancouver, that there are a bunch of tracks around, and not too far away either. The track on Jones is mediocre at best- it's a dirt track and there is no guarantee that the lights will be on. So I have decided to move my weekly sessions to Sutherland Secondary, where a beautiful asphalt track awaits, with lots of lights and no shortage of soccer teams playing on the astro turf. It's conveniently 3km away from my house, which means this will provide a sufficient distance for warm up and cool down.

My first evening of sessions (or more like reinstallation of track work since before our honeymoon) started tonight. Work has been hectic lately, so my enthusiasm to go out and run out some stress was huge. My plan called for 3 x 1 mile repeats, aiming for a 7:00-7:15 mile pace. In short, I nailed it. I do notice that I had lost some fitness with all the chaos that has been my life the past 6 weeks, but I am pretty sure that I can reclaim some ground on that category. I am feeling really excited about doing this. Besides, it just reinforces why I love running, because I can't help but marvel at the sense of accomplishment afterwards!

Tonight I was able to enjoy one of my biggest tv indulgences- Biggest Loser. I used to just hate it, and watched to attack and critcize. Now I just watch to check out the different work out maneuvers (sp?) for the work out plan I will start (yeah, huh). It's down to the final four contestants, and it's kinda interesting to see how much their bodies have changed. I don't have any particular faves, but Tara Costa, the runner up from season 7 (can you tell I have watched every season?) was there to cheer on Amanda as she ran through the marathon challenge. I have respect for Tara, and I think it's because I have the same kind of competitive mindset. So I will be a little sad as I watch the end of this season next week (as I eat Christmas cookies!)

Well, that sums it up for one night. Ciao bella!