Monday, November 30, 2009

Planning, Planning, Planning

So..... happy Monday.

I have spent a better portion of this evening, working on my future. Specifically, my training schedule for the next 10 months. I am nowhere near completion, but at least the foundation has been set. That's what happens when you realize that you have 5 half iron triathlons, 1 full BQ'er marathon, and an IronMan. Whoa. That's some full plate. But something tells me, that I get through this, I can seriously do anything. Seriously.

The workday started off a bit cranky. I am working on a number of projects that I would love to see completed. However, there are still factors that need attention. It will come with time and patience, however I know that it will all come together. We'll see.

Well, back to the spreadsheet!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy Sundays...

Hi again.

Day two of posting. Not to worry, I don't plan on making this a daily habit or anything like coffee. Just thought I would wiggle some digits.

Let's see, since my last post, I have signed up for a seasons pass of triathlons (that would be five by the way), in addition to my previous registration to IronMan Canada 2010. Six triathlons, plus 1 marathon (possibly 2 depending on the results of the first), makes Angela a very busy girl. No worries, I can do as much, or as little as I want with this pass, but I have to admit, I am very excited about it. As long as my lame hip holds up for the next 11 months, then we're all good.

As well, I went through my wedding DVD to short-list my preferences of wedding photos. We have 500 shots, I picked 201, and we both have to whittle it down to 100 for our photo albums. This could get interesting. But I like the idea of a good challenge, so we shall see.

Speaking of wedding, I did a bit of research about changing my name to my new married name.... this looks like this will take a bit of effort and dollars on my part. *sigh* But, it should be all good when said and done.

This morning, I joined my good friends at the Broadway Running Room. Without fail, there were a number of people who were planning on running the same distance as me. Makes longer distance running easier when you have good conversation. I ran with the "two Kens" as well as Eric, a guy who was in my marathon clinic sometime ago. He's running Sacramento next weekend, and I had to give my "voice of reason" to him, as he's anxiously deciding to run 8-10km every day this week to break in his new shoes and insert. Don't do it Eric!! Taper!!!!

They're still looking to fill the marathon instructor position. It breaks my heart, but I can't do it. I really loved teaching the clinic, but it seriously cannot happen now, especially since I have filled up my dance card with triathlons. They'll be fine, but it still makes me misty-eyed.

The rest of the day was spend grocery shopping (uh, chaos at SuperStore!), and then hanging out with Greg. My stomach was not feeling well after coffee with the gang @ Starbucks. I think my stomach has revolted against Starbucks. It was sooooo not happy with me for the rest of the afternoon. I'm fine now, but that took a lot out of me.

I plan on spending the evening figuring out my workout schedule for the next how many months. Sounds like fun to me, especially since I haven't a clue what to do with this thing they call "spare time." I promise to update once I have figured out my plan of attack.



Saturday, November 28, 2009

The craving...

Here it starts, my first entry to my blog.

For those who know me, the title creates a bit of a smile. For the past 6 months, while dieting for wedding preparations, I ate a fudgy slice of chocolate cake from Safeway every Friday night. For some, this would seem like a crazy thing to do, for me, however it was a way to maintain my sanity while I stayed on course with my diet. And it worked too! I lost close to 30lbs doing this, so don't be knocking until you try! :-)

My rationale for doing this was so that I had a place to reflect, vent and just marvel. These past few years have been become more and more incredible, to the point that I am in awe. Like seriously. I have never imagined my life to be as happy as it has become, and that's just awesome.

A large part of that happiness stems from the fact that I have an amazing new husband, Greg. He is my rock, and my number one fan. And of course, I do everything I can do reciprocate. Isn't that how it's supposed to be?

Well anyways, here's my start. I can't promise this will be all that fascinating, but at least it may provide a better understanding as to how I think and why the hell I do the things that I do.

See ya soon.