Monday, April 4, 2011


I suspect one of the reasons why I have gravitated to writing about traffic in this blog, stems from the fact that traffic has been a b-iatch lately. I have the pleasure of working in Coquitlam, and therefore, travel through the construction zone that will soon be in the Port Mann bridge upgrade. In the meantime, I have to deal with bumper to bumper traffic, which gives me lots of time to think. Like contents of blogs.

So today's traffic efforts looked like one hour of travel time to cover.... four kilometers. I think it's a new record. As soon as I heard about the congestion, I left work, as I was worried that 1 1/2 hours wasn't going to be enough time to get to the massage therapy appointment in North Van. Unfortunately, I was right. I made it, with five minutes to spare.

Anyways, back to the post. I woke this morning to find a seriously scratchy throat and head congestion. It's official, I have caught Greg's nasty head cold. I wasn't too surprised, as he's been a whole bottle of fun and congestion, so it was bound to happen. I am just thankful that it happened this week, and hope that it will be gone by the time we head to Boston.

I found out this morning that my sister, who has been training for her first 10km race, ran her goal race yesterday. It was the second race she has done while participating in her 10k clinic, and she did an outstanding job. In fact, here are Carolyn's results:

22nd overall, 2nd in her age category (F4049, a competitive category I might add), and completed in: 1:06:54.32 (6:42/km pace )

Can I tell how incredibly proud of her I am? Isn't that just a rockin' result?!?!?

Lastly, I finished the day with a one hour massage therapy appointment. I went in with my laundry list of areas to cover, and was a mixed bag of bliss and torture, all in 60 minutes. All of the pressure points heightened the aches and pains that I have endured for the past 16 weeks. In true sensory fashion, each sore spot brought up specific memories of feeling from my past runs. I could almost remember the specific places in North Vancouver where I experienced the specific pains. It was quite the experience. However, I am sure that this will do a world of good, instead of "waking the dragons."

I'm off to go rest my achin' body. Night!

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  1. Awww, thanks for the plug! You're my inspiration to keep going on the days when the sofa looks extra-comfy and the shoes want to stay in the cupboard. How can I be a couch potato when my sister is off to the BOSTON MARATHON in just a few days?