Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Thrill of Taper

I am in the midst of taper. I am also in the midst of a cold, big work project deadlines and dealing with random leg pains. Life is a joy.

As mentioned previously, I went to the massage therapist on Monday. It really was a good thing to do as a way to prepare for Boston, both physically and mentally. I have to admit during taper, unmotivation increases as mileage decreases. I start mentally checking out, sort of intentionally. So as a result, with partially blaming taper, and also partially blaming working super late, I missed running on Tuesday. Another crazy day of work on Wednesday resulted in another late arrival home, and missing run club. I decided to make the best of it, and just head out to get the mileage in. Lace up the shoes and get 'er done.

It was one of those runs where the legs felt loaded with lead and random pains kept popping up. I had to remind myself to stop looking at the Garmin, and just focus on enjoying the fact that it was a sunny April day, and really, one of the last runs I will complete before I run Boston.

In fact, it was this last thought that really resonated with me, and pushed me to continue through the aches and pains and enjoy the moment. As well, the views of the North Shore mountains were absolutely spectactular, which made me appreciate the beauty we enjoy here in Vancouver.

One of the cool spots that I have discovered while running around the neighbourhood, was Duncan's Pond, located in Murdo Frazer park. This little patch of awesomeness happens to be the home to a rustic cabin that has been the backdrop to many movies, Stargate, Men in Trees, and of course, Kokanee beer commercials. How cool is that? There was some kind of movie production in process while I was running by, but still, it was neat to see all the lights, trucks and people hanging around at Murdo Frazer park where this place happens to be. And literally, it's 2km from my house.

While making the best of the situation, as I was starting to call this run yesterday, I was revelling in the fact that I am very happy to live in Vancouver. It also happened to be Vancouver's 125th birthday yesterday, so to see the city dressed up in it's finest duds, was pretty darn great to experience.

What running provides to me, is the opportunity to see and experience all of the beauty of the world around me. It gives me inner peace (my running bliss!), while I marvel at what amazing things exist. It offers so much more entertainment than I will ever find on television.

And that is the kind of stuff that I want to hold in my heart, when I run the Boston Marathon, in 11 days.

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  1. OMG, you know where Anne and James had their house! How awesome are you?!
    Thanks man!

    Love Australia!